Careers with Plastiques Gagnon

Careers with Plastiques Gagnon

Would you like to leverage your talents within a fast-growing company that focuses on its employees? Looking to work in an industry of the future?

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  • Operations

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Types of jobs in this department:

  • Customer service agents:
    Support processing of customer accounts and take part in customer prospecting
    DEC in Administrative Management or other related training
  • Suppliers:
    Handle the company’s raw materials and other purchasing needs for material resources
    DEC in Supply Management and/or Bachelor’s Degree in Administration
  • HR advisors:
    Participate in human resource management activities and advise personnel
    Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Relations
  • Administrative technicians:
    Complete tasks related to payroll and benefits and/or oversee accounts payable and receivable
    DEC in Administration
  • Computer technicians:
    Ensure IT support and contribute to developing the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
    DEC in Computer Science

Types of jobs in this department:

  • Project managers (Development):
    Ensure the project’s development from initial orders until production, oversee first production runs and participate in technical optimization
    Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or a combination of other relevant studies
  • Project managers (Production):
    Support production technicians in their tasks, ensure molds and production processes are monitored, revised and/or corrected
    DEC in Plastics and/or Composite Material Processing or other related training
  • Methods technicians:
    Work on projects pertaining to production work optimization (ergonomics, quality, health and safety and productivity)
    DEC in Industrial Engineering
  • Production technicians:
    Perform mold testing, implementation and adjustments, diagnose press and part problems and oversee any repairs as necessary
    DEC in plastics and/or composite materials processing or a combination of other studies.

Types of jobs in this department:

  • Electromechanics:
    Oversee the preventative maintenance program and ensure material repairs, as needed
    DEP in Electromechanics or other related training
  • Machinists:
    Perform various repairs and modifications on molds as well as on machined parts for production templates
    DEP in Machining or other related training
  • Production operators:
    Adjust, start and validate press start-ups; act as a resource person for any problems regarding the production presses
    DEP in Operation and Control of Plastic Molding Machines or in-house training/completion of Secondary 3 education
  • Injection press operators:
    Manufacture plastic parts according to quality standards and monitoring plan specifications.
    In-house training/with Secondary 3 education is an excellent asset.
  • Automation and maintenance technicians:
    Design and integration of automated production systems; diagnose and resolve equipment operation problems
    DEC in Industrial Maintenance or other related training

Applications welcome

Can’t find a job opening that suits you? Send us your CV anyway! We would be pleased to talk with you about your profile and our upcoming needs.

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An Employer of Choice

Plastiques Gagnon’s unique work environment fosters interactions customers from different business sectors. It is therefore essential to equip work teams so they can be flexible and versatile. Internal training programs are continuously offered so that all employees can continue to develop in their career.

A Thriving Organization Focussed on Optimization

Plastiques Gagnon is proud of its history and aware of the challenges that the future holds. All team members work with continuous improvement in mind and are regularly called to contribute to this process. There is even a full-time team member dedicated to ensure forward-thinking continuous improvement.

Excellent Work Conditions

  • People-oriented management adapted to employee’s reality
  • Workplace environment in which health and safety come first
  • Group insurance / employee assistance program
  • Harmonious working environment
  • Ongoing training program
  • Internal promotion opportunities
  • Profit-sharing
  • Stability
  • Group RRSP

People are the Heart of our Success

Once candidates are hired, we provide training to ensure that they quickly understand the company’s inner workings. Particular attention is given to workplace health and safety; we want to be certain that all our employees will be safe and healthy for a very long time!


Sylvain G., Logistics Planning Director

With us since 1995

When I completed my studies in computer science, I had several contracts, but I couldn’t find a stable job in my field due to the economy at the time. I started with PGI as an operator. One thing lead to another: the company helped me with my education and I obtained my DEP in Operation and Control of Plastic Molding Machines. Over the years, because I have demonstrated determination and willpower, I have had the opportunity to hold several positions, which has helped me acquire a lot of knowledge. I am still happy at PGI today as the Logistics Planning Director. My computer skills are now more useful than ever before…more than I had originally imagined!