Injection molding

Injection Molding

Plastiques Gagnon is a leader in small- and mid-sized plastic part injection molding. Our R&D and production teams’ expertise and cutting edge equipment enable us to achieve high-quality standards. We can also adapt production volumes for small, medium or large series, and based on the customer’s needs.

At Plastiques Gagnon, we can take responsibility for our customers projects from the initial design phase until final delivery of a superior-quality product. Our range of reflects how we master the complexities of composite injection molding.

Benefits of Injection Molding

  • Competitive price per part
  • Design flexibility (geometry, material, texture, colour)
  • High level of precision
  • Mechanical and aesthetic part quality
  • Ability to have a very high production rates and capacity
  • Environmentally-friendly processes

Quick Facts

Parts manufactured since 2005
Countries the products we make are exported to
0.04g to 1.939kg
Molding capacity (part weight)
40t to 550t
Production capacity (closing force)
6 368 m(68,554 sq. ft.)
Factory size

Our services

  • Assistance with Part Design and Development

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  • Mold Design

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  • Quality Assurance

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Our experienced teams can support our customers throughout the entire product development cycle. We offer design, consulting, engineering and analysis services supported by high-performance tools, such as Moldflow* and Solidworks*.

By helping customers with the design and modeling phases, we can optimize the development process—all of which saves time and money as well as improves the quality of finished products.

Here are a few sectors in which we provide expertise to our customers:

  • Rheological analysis (study of the flow and deformation of materials under applied forces)
  • Converting metal parts into plastic ones
  • Eco-design
  • Materials, molds and molding engineering
  • Concept optimization to prepare for molding
  • Prototyping

*Moldflow® is the property of Autodesk, Inc. used under license
*Solidworks® is the property of Dassault Systèmes and is used under license

Our expertise enables us to design molds, control gages and assembly tools that meet the highest standards and produce uniform, quality components at competitive prices. We define the specifications for all mold quotes. The molds we design are then subjected to thermal and rheological optimization to ensure quality. We offer molds up to SPI* class 101 (1,000,000+ cycles) as well as surface finishing up to SPI-A1 standard (mirror finish) or textured surface finishes, as required.

Our teams will maintain and repair molds on site or in our facilities. We also offer mechanical validation testing and pre-production testing.

*SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association, Inc

Our quality assurance tests and controls are performed in our laboratory as well as on the production floor; they are adapted to rigorous, customized inspection plans by qualified personnel. We are proud of our ISO 9001 certification and we constantly strive to achieve the highest quality standards.

Here is an overview of the tools and equipment we use to guarantee unequalled quality for our customers:


  • High-precision scale
  • Custom test benches
  • Colorimeter
  • Ultra-low temperature freezers (–20°C to –85°C) to condition parts
  • Melt-index measuring equipment
  • High-precision optical measuring equipment (automatic and manual modes)
  • Dew point and humidity measuring instrument
  • Automated camera control system


  • AMDEC (PFMEA), NQA (AQL), CPK, design of experiments (DOE), FAI, FIFO, PPAP, MSP (SPC)
  • Certificates of compliance and material analysis
  • Complete metrology (layouts)
  • Custom inspection plans
  • Batch production and raw materials tracking system
  • Customized tests and audits based on your requirements

Click on the following link to view our ISO 9001 certification:

Certificat_ISO9001_Certificate_2015-18 PDF (393 KB)

  • Customized Injection Molding

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  • Additional Services

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We offer small- to mid-sized plastic part injection moldings, which can be manufactured in small or large production runs. In our facilities, we can mold commodity and engineering resins that can contain carbon fibre, fibreglass, metallic or mineral powder. We can also produce overmolded parts (over plastic, metal or electronic components).

Some information about our production capacity:

  • Production capacity (closing force): 40t to 550t (37 machines)
  • Automated production (7 robots)
  • Production capacity (timeslot): 24 hours / 7 days
  • Ability to mold using existing molds

Are you thinking about transferring your existing injection molds? Contact us to find out how we can help!

We offer our customers a wide range of additional services under the same roof:

  • Part assembly by overmolding or welding (conduction, infrared)
  • Assembly, sub-assembly
  • Secure warehouse
  • Maintenance and repair/modification of your molds
  • Packaging
  • Barcode labelling (standard or customized)
  • Finishes: plating, hot stamping, printing (digital, screen printing, pad printing), IML (In-mold labelling), paint
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) order management compliant
  • Kanban system
  • Etc.

Some of our Recent Projects

Width: 357mm (14.06")
Height: 95mm (3.74")
Length: 36mm (1.42")
Width: 155mm (6.1")
Height: 40mm (1.57")
Width: 225mm (8.86")
Height: 153mm (6.02")
Length: 62mm (2.44")
Width: 405mm (15.94")
Height: 855mm (17.72")
Length: 450mm (33.66")
Width: 13mm (0.51")
Height: 17mm (0.68")
Length: 6mm (0.23")
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